Busy Thoroughfares


Streets in Paeroa and Waihi classified as ‘busy thoroughfares’ under the Building Act 2004

At the Hearing and Deliberations meeting on 23 November 2021 the Council considered all written feedback from the community. The Council decided that the following thoroughfares would be classified as ‘busy thoroughfares’ in accordance with section 133AF of the Building Act 2004:

  • Belmont Road, Normanby Road, Mackay Street and Wharf Street in Paeroa, and
  • Seddon Street and Rosemont Road in Waihi.

This means unreinforced masonry building that are earthquake-prone and are located on these busy thoroughfares are now classified as ‘priority buildings’ under the national earthquake-prone building system. Owners of these buildings will have 12.5 years to remediate them from the date they receive a notice to fix, instead of the 25 years for non-priority earthquake-prone buildings. This reflects the higher risk these buildings pose to people and property.

Further information on earthquake-prone buildings

For further information on the national earthquake-prone building system and the implications for earthquake-prone buildings in our district please visit our website.

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