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 Ngatea Library Project

CLOSED/Summarising feedback

Hey, let’s start a new conversation / Me kōrero hou tātou

The future of the Ngatea Library and Service Centre

Ngatea Library and Service Centre will stay in the existing council building at the current site.

The decision, made by the council on 29 May, follows extensive feedback from the community, including a petition signed by more than 1200 people as well as feedback from a new conversation that was kicked off on April 16.

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We still want to hear from you

So, although the cut-off date for all feedback was originally stated as 20 May 2019, a decision has been made to leave this open for feedback about what future library and service centre services the community wants and needs, for a few more weeks until Monday 10 June 2019.

This will allow more time for people to participate – particularly via social media (Instagram and Facebook initiatives are still gaining traction) and through group projects (Ngatea Primary School students are working on a class project using future problem solving methodology).

A detailed summary of the feedback and main themes will be presented to the community in a book at the end of June.

Be part of the unfolding story

Visitors from the future arrived in Ngatea on Tuesday April 16, as part of an event designed to continue the conversation about the future of the Ngatea Library and Service Centre.

HarperHarper, played by Olivia Dustow, told the audience she came from Ngatea, only a long, long time in the future. She explained she had travelled back to 2019 through a time portal to retrieve a copy of a special community book for her dying grandmother Edith, a much loved local librarian who raised her after her parents were killed in a commuter pod crash. The book, which was written in 2019, contains the community vision for a new library and community space. Unfortunately, it has gone missing in the future, and Edith’s dying wish is for it to be returned to the library.

ZekeUnbeknown to her, the time portal has stayed open allowing some of her friends to come through too, and the audience meets Gizmo the library cat, 10 year old robotics genius Arlo, smooth talking cyber-criminal Zeke, and cyber-cop Greta, who is hot on Zeke’s tail. During the event Gizmo runs off with Arlo in pursuit and Zeke escapes the clutches of Officer Greta to disappear into the Hauraki District.

When Harper realises she has returned before the book was written she asks for help to put something together so she can take it back to her grandmother.

Hey, let’s write a book!

Zeke, Harper and ArloWe’re getting behind Harper, and over the next few weeks, we want to work with you to write a book.

We want you to tell us what you think, and then we’ll summarise your feedback, thoughts and ideas to create a community vision for a future library and community space in Ngatea. The finished book will be presented to you and Harper at a final event (date to be confirmed) before she and her friends head back to the future.

Based on all your feedback, including the earlier petition received by council, a decision will be made on the final location and concept for the future library and community space.

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Some ideas to help you think outside the square

From musty old books to augmented reality

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Escape room at Whakatane Library

Rotorua Lego Club (also done at Waikato Bay of Plenty and to be run at Te Aroha Library as from May)

Matamata-Piako Libraries blog ( activities such as our 3D pens, Code Club at Matamata (teaching children computer coding))

Photos of makerspaces in small libraries (YouTube)

Some of the feedback we’ve received so far

What we’ve heard so far is that it’s really important to you that…

  • the library and community space stays right where it is!
  • that the history of the area is preserved and promoted in one place
  • that there are flexible airy spaces for community groups and community education…
  • …and quieter places for individual study and contemplation
  • that it is a welcoming and inclusive place…

So far, you’ve also told us that you wish there was somewhere to…

  • hold corporate and Skype meetings
  • print and edit photographs
  • hot desk
  • run a youth club
  • greet visitors and showcase our home
  • drink coffee
  • and enjoy outdoor spaces