Significance and Engagement Policy



Significance and Engagement Policy 2020 adopted

At the Hearing and Deliberations meeting on 9 September 2020 the Council considered all written feedback from the community on the draft Significance and Engagement Policy. The Council subsequently adopted the policy.

What is a Significance and Engagement Policy?

A lot of what we do is already mapped out in documents such as our Long Term Plan, which we prepare, with your input, every three years.

However, sometimes things pop up unexpectedly and we need to come back to you and talk about our plans some more.

This policy is a guide to when we need to do this and how we should go about it.

About our policy

The policy comes into effect on 1 October 2020 and says we need to talk with you about:

  • any matters of high interest or if we’re making major decisions, such as stopping one of our key services.
  • financial levels of investment in a proposed project where the expenditure of the project is greater than 20 per cent (approximately $6 million) of capital expenditure or 5 per cent (approximately $1.5 million) of operational expenditure.

The policy further clarifies the times we won’t ask for your feedback such as when we are acting under the urgency of a crisis and recognises the importance of Māori as tangata whenua and their special relationship with the land and water.

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You told us what you think | Kua kōrero mai koe ōu whakaaro, tēnā rawa atu koe

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts. The opportunity to provide feedback has now closed.

We decided to review and amend the policy ahead of the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan. The policy now provides for how Council will engage with the community and when Council will not engage under the urgency of a crisis. The financial trigger to engage with the community on projects not already included in the Long Term Plan, was increased.

Also, the policy now has an updated wording confirming the focus of Council’s role to promote the social, economic, environmental and culture well-being of communities in the present and the future and it includes a section on engagement with Māori where a proposal will have significance to Māori cultural values and their relationship to land and water.