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Draft Smokefree & Vapefree Policy


Let’s clear the air

We need to talk about some new rules we’re proposing to discourage smoking and vaping in some outdoor areas and at some public events.

About our smokefree and vapefree policy | Ngā kaupapa o te Auahi kore

We want to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities by reducing smoking in public and de-normalising smoking and vaping behaviour.

To help achieve this we’re proposing some new rules to discourage smoking and vaping in some outdoor areas including:

  • children’s playgrounds
  • sports grounds
  • skate parks
  • bus shelters
  • near the entrance to our libraries and service centres
  • on the Hauraki Rail Trail.

We’re also proposing to encourage event organisers to hold smokefree and vapefree public events.  We think keeping public outdoor areas and events smokefree and vapefree is considerate to non-smokers and the right thing to do. We also want to encourage adults to be positive role models for children and young people by de-normalising smoking and vaping behaviour.

We’ve included vaping as well as smoking in these proposed rules because we’re concerned young people may be taking up vaping as an alternative to smoking and there are no studies showing the long term health effects of vaping.

We’re not proposing to take a heavy handed approach to this – if you want to smoke or vape it’s your choice but we will be asking you to please avoid the smokefree and vapefree areas. We’ll be relying on you to respect the rules we make together and to encourage others to respect them too, but we won’t be enforcing them ourselves.

Read the documents | Panui nga tuhinga