Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2022

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We’re reviewing our rules for parking and traffic in our district on roads that we control.

About our Traffic and Parking Bylaw | Ngā kaupapa o te Ture ā-rohe Waka me ngā Tūnga Waka o Hauraki

What is a bylaw?

Our bylaws are only applicable to the Hauraki District. They’re rules that local councils can develop to make our district a safe and healthy place. They can protect the public from nuisance; protect, promote and maintain public health and safety; and minimise the potential for offensive or unsafe behaviour in public places. We make them in consultation with you – that’s why it’s important to have your say. A bylaw can be enforced by the Council or others we have nominated, such as the New Zealand Police.

Heavy vehicle parking restrictions

We’re proposing to introduce heavy vehicle parking restrictions in Paeroa and Waihi. In Paeroa, overnight parking of heavy commercial vehicles, between 6:00pm and 6:00am can occur on Grey Street, and in Waihi on a section of Consols Street, and Moresby Avenue. Other than these streets, parking for these vehicles would not be allowed overnight on our roads within the 50km speed limit zone. There is no change to the existing restriction in Ngatea, with Kohunui Street being the designated parking zone.

Waihi and Paeroa town centre parking limits

We’re proposing 2 hour parking limits in the main shopping areas of Waihi and Paeroa between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). We have had complaints about people parking all day, using spaces that should be available for paying customers.  Time limits help create a turnover of parking spaces, maximising opportunities for customers to park their vehicles in high demand locations. In both Paeroa and Waihi there is off street parking availability for business owners and operators. In Waihi there is unrestricted parking available at the Waihi Event Centre as well as the Mueller Street carpark. In Paeroa there is unrestricted parking available on Marshall Street and Willoughby Street.

Traffic restrictions

We’re proposing a restriction on heavy vehicles, from turning left from Waitawheta Road onto Pukekauri Road, and turning right from Pukekauri Road onto Waitawheta Road. Modelling shows that this turn cannot be achieved without crossing the centre line for heavy vehicles, which presents safety issues. We’re proposing to restrict the use of motor vehicles on the unformed end sections of Taieri Road and Maratoto Road. This is to protect the environment, the road and adjoining land.

Corridor access

We have added a clause stating that permission is required for corridor access when a person is carrying out an activity which changes the everyday manner of our roads, for example repetitive heavy vehicle activity outside the normal use of the road.  It’s important that we know about this activity ahead of time, so we can work with the operator to best manage the impact on our road surface and local residents.

Various existing restrictions

Various restrictions have been added to the bylaw, where they have previously been approved by the Council, and signage installed, however they were not included in the bylaw. This includes mobility parking spaces, bus stops and no stopping areas. It also includes restrictions on driving on Lawrence Road, Ngatitangata Road, and Dickey Flat Road in Waihi and Rotokohu Road (beyond the golf course) with a trailer of 11 metres or longer.

Read the documents | Pānui ngā tuhinga

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How to tell us what you think | He aha ōu whakaaro, korero mai

The written feedback period is now closed. You can still contact us to book in to speak to the Council at a hearing on Wednesday, 13 July 2022.

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